So You Like Isaiah Rashad…Then Listen to J’Demul

Today is the launch of our on-going series So You Like…Then… Every month (or possible every few weeks, still need to ponder) flowsfordays will pick out a “mainstream” hip hop artists and show you a similar “up and coming” artist that you would probably enjoy listening to.

*Side note* The terms “mainstream” and “up and coming” are annoying buzz words, as they are interchangeable with other words and devalue the artist. But, this feature has to be described somehow. Let’s continue…

The goal of So You Like…Then… is to help our readers discover and hopefully appreciate artists that they may have never listened to before.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s irresponsibly dive head first into Edition numero uno. We’ve been posting a lot of Isaiah Rashad lately, and for good reason. Cilvia Demo (WHICH IS NOT A MIXTAPE) was my favorite ALBUM of 2014. It was on par with Kendrick Lamar’s GKMC as the best solo rapper major label debut of all time.

Because new content from Isaiah is finally gracing our ears and eyes, we thought it was only right to help our readers find an equally as lyrical and topic driven artist as him. We’d like to introduce you to J’Demul. The young St. Louis native has been a bit mysterious in blog coverage, but has undoubtedly dropped a high quality project titled #STLAVE (see above). I discovered him earlier this year when he first released it. There is not a single track that I skipped; it is cohesive and full. He has an album that was released in 2014, Black Poet that is a nice listen, but nowhere close to #STLAVE. He also has the most unique flow I’ve heard in awhile, similar to when I heard Isaiah for the first time.

Isaiah has a natural ability to perform on camera just like J’Demul. Just look below at his official music videos for My Brothas, University Street and Moon.

So, if you like Isaiah Rashad, try out J’Demul and let us know if you agree.