Towkio feat. Joey Purp – Playin Fair (Video)

Towkio’s Community Service 2 was very different from last years .Wav Theory. I think we can all agree on that. But Playin Fair (along with Tear Drop) had a similar sound to what we loved on his breakthrough mixtape. If you enjoyed Community Service 2 more than, well, more power to you. I have replayed .Wav Theory much more, but have a soft spot for this song, and was glad to see it got the visual treatment. Most of the Save Money gang is here playing pickup ball, with a special contribution from Joey Purp.

To go on one tangent- Community Service 2 served it’s purpose in Towkio’s discography (in my humble opinion). He admirably went outside his comfort zone throughout the album and further expanded his sound. If anything, he showed fans and critics he is capable of creating a plethora of sonically diverse tracks. I can’t wait to hear what direction Save Money’s wild child goes into next.