Neon Pajamas – Sleeping feat. Ju, bleeklino, Yomí and Melo Makes Music (prod. by Jaro + Boathouse) (New Track)

It is almost mid August and the notoriously chilly Chicago fall will be hitting us pretty soon. But track Sleeping, hosted by respective Mishka blogger Neon Pajamas (aka Ben Niespodziany), is applicable for any season. It is an angelic, with 10 people contributing to this Jaro and Boathouse’s produced song. I am a big fan of Neon Pajamas, as he constantly puts on for the city of Chicago, and is a respected and awesome writer.

Ben recently wrote a piece on These Days detailing a impromptu gathering in Jaro’s studio with invited musicians and vocalists. This is what came out of that session. Artists such as Ju, bleeklino, Yomí and Melo Makes Music are all featured on Sleeping. Don’t let this one slip by you.


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