Why Record Collecting Changed My Life (Editorial)

I’m obsessed with collecting vinyl records. I’ll be the first to say it. It runs deeper than just enjoying the music, and if you look up the psychological association with collecting, and especially collecting vinyl, CD’s or cassettes, you’ll see it has a lot to do with trauma, anxiety, depression, and your childhood. A recordContinue reading “Why Record Collecting Changed My Life (Editorial)”


Nas’ Illmatic & The Story Of My First Vinyl Record

I am on a one-woman mission to collect as many 90’s hip-hop albums as possible – in the form of vinyl, CD’s, or my new obsession, cassettes. I try my best to buy original pressings, but these can be taxing (to put it lightly.) When I can’t afford the OG copies, I reluctantly purchase re-pressings. ItContinue reading “Nas’ Illmatic & The Story Of My First Vinyl Record”