Prizm – Lay Me Out (New Track)

We don’t get many submissions from guys out of¬†Minneapolis, (this actually may be the first time) so this is a welcomed surprise. I’m not as familiar with the hip hop scene out there as I’d like to be, so I’m glad I’m starting somewhere. It might be a little controversial to describe this new songContinue reading “Prizm – Lay Me Out (New Track)”


Rich Garvey featuring Prizm – Polytics (New Track)

Rich Garvey is here to drop some knowledge on you. New song Polytics¬†does just that. He has flows for days (blog plug) and a strong intellect. The slow riding jazzy beat (from Der Zew) is a great platform for Rich to rhyme off of, and he does it well. Featured artist Prizm contributes well too.Continue reading “Rich Garvey featuring Prizm – Polytics (New Track)”