Mpulse – The Greatest (New Track)

You know the drill. New Mpulse, new post. We are on week 32 in this 52 week series, and Pulse is not letting up. In The Greatest, he successfully proves that he’s reaching legendary status. He puts in work like no rapper I’ve ever seen. Once again he links with producer Keef Boyd, which is always a smartContinue reading “Mpulse – The Greatest (New Track)”


Mpulse – Cool With That (New Track)

My man Mpulse is back with another gem in Cool With That. He continues to show his ability to switch up flows and subject matter, most impressively on his last 3 drops. Legendary producer Don Cannon has worked with him before, but only as a co-producer. In CWT, he is given full control over the beat, givingContinue reading “Mpulse – Cool With That (New Track)”

Mpulse – Turning Tables (New Track)

Another day – another Mpulse post. He’s going on week 28 of his 52 week series, continuing to release one new track a week. Pulse usually sticks to straight bars, occasionally veering off into alternative sounds. But his newest record, Turning Tables, is much different. With a little help from Adele, Mpulse has created hisContinue reading “Mpulse – Turning Tables (New Track)”

Mpulse – In The Field (New Track)

Chicago underground emcee Mpulse is back with Week 25 of his 52 week series. (For those that aren’t good with numbers like me, 52 weeks= a year.) He usually works with one producer, but In The Field is different. He’s elicited 3 well established and talented beatsmiths: Keef Boyd, Don Cannon, and Lyle LeDuff. Keef Boyd isContinue reading “Mpulse – In The Field (New Track)”

The Better Half (Best SoundCloud Songs From January 15th-31st)

Hello faithful readers. Welcome to our bi-monthly series The Better Half. flowsfordays will be curating a playlist showcasing the best SoundCloud releases in the last 15 days (give or take, depending on how many days are in the month.) Instead of perusing through your SoundCloud feed, you will now have a simple way to hear the best ofContinue reading “The Better Half (Best SoundCloud Songs From January 15th-31st)”

Mpulse – I Got The Keys (Freestyle) (New Track)

Mpulse seriously just mentioned the impeachment of Donald Trump and the ugliness of Flavor Flav in the span of 10 seconds. If that doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will. This week the Chicago mainstay decided to spit some bars on the popular DJ Khaled track I Got The Keys. Royce Da 5’9, whoContinue reading “Mpulse – I Got The Keys (Freestyle) (New Track)”

Mpulse – The Storm + Wishful Thinking (New Tracks)

We post Mpulse on the regular, as he drops heat every single week. There is some catching up to do as two weeks have gone by since my last write up. Last week’s The Storm took me by complete surprise. It’s not bars on top of bars, but a melodic and structured song about making itContinue reading “Mpulse – The Storm + Wishful Thinking (New Tracks)”

Mpulse – Actions (New Track)

Mpulse kills it once again. Actions has a bit of a different vibe then his last few releases but he continues to speaks on relatable topics. A theme of the track is how “actions speak louder than words” which I wholeheartedly believe. He also rhymes about his desire to really make it and support hisContinue reading “Mpulse – Actions (New Track)”

Mpulse – Damn, Loaf God! (New Track)

Another week another Mpulse post. Week 15 of 52 comes in the form of Damn, Loaf God. The song discusses his plans for the future, but you’ll find there’s a lot more to digest. When producer Keef Boyd and him link up they always make magic and this one is no different. Keef is aContinue reading “Mpulse – Damn, Loaf God! (New Track)”

Mpulse – Broken Dreams (New Track)

Mpulse is 3 and a half months into his 52 Week Campaign and is showing no signs of letting up. With no hesitation on my part, he is topping whatever he came out with previously. As we always say, every song in this series is here for free download, so take advantage of that. TheContinue reading “Mpulse – Broken Dreams (New Track)”