Why Isn’t Azizz & lifeofsaeed’s New Song DREAMS Not On The Charts???

Hold up…why isn’t DREAMS on the Apple Music and Spotify charts? Oh yeah, nowadays if you don’t have a big name or feature attached to a song it goes in the trash. Isn’t even considered. This practice continues to get worse and worse, and makes me angrier by the year. See, Azizz’s new single DREAMS (featuring lifeofsaeed) should be blowing the fuck up. It should be high up on the list of best new songs. It sounds just as good, or even better, than Wizkid’s monumental record Essence featuring Justin Bieber and Tems. Let’s get one thing straight, I love that song. One of my favorites of the year. But think about it. Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. People are afraid to admit they are Justin Bieber fans. I’m not one of them. I like a lot of his music.

The point is, DREAMS is as organic as they come. It’s like floating on a river. This is a song that can be a playlist on its own. It’s that good. Sensual, groovy, and backed by a soulful afro-beat instrumental. Azizz has a voice like no other. His spirit shines through, and his love for music are words that do not need to be spoken. Listen – and you’ll know.

DREAMS cannot be reviewed without lifeofsaeed’s contribution. He’s a fucking genius. He’s not only a great lyricist; he knows exactly how to enter and exit without changing the essence of DREAMS. Instant fan.

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