Julie’s Rant on Vinyl Cheats and My Status As A Blogger

Today I felt an urge…a need to talk about vinyl. Perhaps it’s because less than an hour ago I was cheated by a store that offered me $30 on a record that is worth far more. They gave me their own reasons for the number, but honestly, they make no sense. This particular record is being sold on discogs.com for $300-$500. The store in question claimed they use an archive system for eBay that goes back 5-10 years. Years ago the original copy (that I own) sold for $40. The album has recently been reissued, as it is a cult classic soundtrack that is in serious demand. Yet the individual who did 3 minutes of research claims that because it has been reissued, the value of the original copy goes down. That literally makes no sense. Original copies of records, as I’ve read about, seen, studied, bought, had conversations about, and had personal experiences with, are far more valuable than a current re-press. This album was made in the 1960s, and my copy is in near-mint condition. This just happened, and I felt insulted, cheated, and perceived as an idiot who can be tricked.

Listen, I know there are many options for me to sell this record somewhere else. But I had to share this piece as a rant of sorts, and as a re-introduction to my readers. I am no longer the person that posts music weekly; someone who scours my submissions daily. I am past that. That is not to say that I don’t love hip hop…if anything I love it more. But I am heading in a new direction as a fan of music. When I begin to understand what I want to do in the music business, I will let you all know. I am no longer the blogger you may have loved and supported and appreciated. And that’s just facts.

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