Musa Reems Grabs Fellow Chicago Native Mick Jenkins For Eerie New Track, ‘Zombies’

Musa Reems is gearing up for the biggest drop of his career, and with the music he’s put out so far, I know we’ll be in for quite a treat. After hearing his new drop Zombies, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not mark your calendar for November 12th when his EP, To Whom It May Concern, is set to drop. Musa is a soulful guy, but he’s shown he can hop on any beat and find just the right pockets to blow us away. But this is Musa on his most exploratory and most ambitious shit yet.

Zombie plays well into tomorrow’s festivities with T-Jay Beats’ murky, synth and bass-heavy production that sounds like the soundtrack to an actual monster walking out of thick, green water. Mick Jenkins’ baritone vocals and stark delivery set the tone for a track that finds both emcees reflecting on the lack of focus they see not only in the industry, but in the people they see in everyday life.

Musa’s high-pitched rhymes bring an important juxtaposition to Zombie’s overall sound. It is rare to watch an artist progress every time he drops new music, but this has become common knowledge for a guy like Musa Reems. It is easy to get lost in both his flow and lyrical expression, even over this dark, eerie beat. Both artists prove that two Chi-Town rappers can still make magic together.


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