Hip-Hop and cannabis go hand in hand. The timeless combination of rhythm and feeling are the peanut butter and jelly of the human experience. Hip Hop has had references to weed since its emergence, and many argue that cannabis helped to drive the improvisational nature of rap music.  Hell, if it hadn’t been for the likes of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, I might have forgotten to smoke today. Considering that Las Vegas has some of the best legal weed and local music, it’s only right that I pair the two concepts and let you know which joint to smoke with these locals artists…

Daylight Tone

Strain: Jack Herer

If you were to google how you were to feel when smoking Jack Herer, you’d find a description similar to the way I’d describe the way you feel when listening to Daylight Tone:  Euphoric, Carefree and Happy as fuck. The Chicago native’s song “Wake n’ Bake” is a phenomenal way to start your day. Singing uplifting lyrics like “Opposition want me to peak, but I’ma be aight” over a vibey piano beat riddled with claps, Daylight Tone’s song could be your alarm clock and you wouldn’t be mad about it.

Reminding you to make sure “that your paper’s straight” before going out for the day, Daylight is here for the people. Rolling up some classic Jack Herer will put you in a mood to sing along with Tone’s melodic delivery and have you cheesing all day.

Stream on Apple Music here.

Chop 808 & Mac Nealy

Strain: True OG

You know that face you make when you sniff that milk your roommate bought a month ago? This song makes me make look like that. The beat haunts the listener with a dark and nasty chord progression that just demands a backwood rolled with the finest OG.

Produced by the artists that you hear on the track, Chop & Mac demonstrate their versatility by keeping the listener engaged with cutthroat wordplay. Lyrics like “I need a Kiki, dick her down at the freaknik…” just make you wanna mob around to this song with some OG in hand. The song is a strong flex from the established locals, turning into a party anthem at the end, proving that they can’t be stopped. Nobody’s safe.

Stream on Apple Music here.

Captain & Theo

Strain: Gelato

Gelato is a great strain for music listening purposes. High in limonene (the terpene most tied to creativity), the hybrid provides a great fuel to get the juices flowing. Which is exactly what’s necessary when listening to “Great” by the Las Vegas duo. The bar-heavy display will have you vibing with the bouncy beat but not wanting to miss a line of the track.

The lyrical content is about as uplifting as the strain you’re rolling. Vibing with Captain and Theo with some Gelato in your hand will have you wanting to discuss the “next big idea” you just thought of and have you feeling ready to really get after it. The track has you wanting to “keep it smiling, pushing”, no matter what, even if that Gelato has you feeling a little more in your head than usual.

Stream on Apple Music here.

Miles Low

Strain: Grand Daddy Purple

You ever have a night where you smoke by yourself and have a moment to just think about life? That’s what Miles Low’s “What’s On Your Mind?” is for. Nights where you find yourself lighting up some GDP and reminiscing on days, with people that changed up, in places that aren’t there anymore.

The beat is fast enough for Low and Dizz to rapidly deliver lyrics discussing missed opportunities of former friends and lost relationships, but still slow enough to have the listener sit and think about them. The track breaks between verses with a sample from the movie Friday, a classic film to smoke with, but you won’t be laughing after this one.  Low and Dizz have you thinking by sharing what’s on their mind. The Granddaddy should help with the pain of some of those memories.

Stream on Apple Music here.

Zelly Vibes 

Strain: Lemon Haze

When you listen to “Chosen” you can’t help but bop your head with the vibe of the trap-influenced drums. Zelly proclaims that she’s so high she can barely keep her eyes open, I can relate with some Lemon Haze on me. The multi-talented Zelly raps on this track, but the melody behind her delivery alludes to her ability to belt out hits on other songs. Her bars are fun and bouncy to match the tone of the beat, making you wanna stunt on that hater you’re about to forget.

Strick’s verse is a fun interlude to the track that has you swaying with the track as you’re feeling the lemon haze lowering your eyes along with Zelly’s. The track is a fun way to start the night, having you ready to flex on everyone in the club.

Stream on Apple Music here.