Kanye West, His New Album, And Excusing His Untreated Mental Illness (Editorial)

A few months after Trump became president, I decided to stay away from the news. Anger was bubbling in me that I had never felt before. I’m 27, and this is the first president I have fully experienced that has effected people I love, my relationship with my mother and stepdad, and my emotional state. As things continue to get worse, and one headline comes up on my Twitter feed, my mental and emotional capacity shuts down. I cannot read anymore. A few weeks ago in my Uber ride share, the white driver was blasting a political radio station about the latest from Trump. I asked him nicely to shut it off, and every single rider, black and white, thanked me.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some bad presidents, but they were elected before I was even born. My mother and stepdad voted for Trump, and my brother, sister and I did not talk to them for weeks. When I went over to their home, my redneck stepdad did not hesitate to share his racist, homophobic views, and both refused to shut off Fox News while we talked, ate, and got ready to sleep. I haven’t been back there since – 6 months ago or so.

When Kanye pulled his publicity stunt, fueling his egotistical views that no one asked for (especially on TMZ), I felt that same sickness. It hurt me more, watching one of my favorite artists preaching on a table to everyone in the TMZ office like he was a political God. He allegedly went to a hospital last year to treat mental illness, but it is still very present. Kanye needs to be treated, as he exhibits extreme distortions, bi-polar episodes, and other characteristics of severe mental illness. I struggle with many disorders, have been to rehab, therapy for 17 years, 3 outpatients with people with every type of struggle,  read many books about it. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

His new album ye is honest, and I appreciate him sharing his urges and shortcomings – but it’s not enough to excuse his behavior. Kanye needs help. He doesn’t understand the impact he is having to the world at large. Trump hats, disgusting, racist statements, tweets, and more have brought Trump’s beliefs to life. Kanye has hit hip hop lovers, and I am so disappointed in him. Yes, he has made some amazing albums. He is a musical genius…but at what cost? Will we sit back and listen to ye and excuse everything because we like his album? I can’t. I won’t.