Brooklynites Indigo Svn, Bimmy and Lauren Declasse Get Aggressive​ on New Collab “Out The Kitchen”

Indigo Svn, Bimmy and Lauren Declasse are true Brooklyn spitters who have bars for days. They each have different vocals, flows, and personality on the mic, which is why their newest collab Out The Kitchen is so successful. It deserves much more attention then it currently has, as these guys take the art of hip-hop seriously and hold nothing back. The track is certainly aggressive, warning rappers that they won’t stop until they conquer the game. They touch on topics such as pride of their accomplishments, ambition for success, easily taking someone’s girl, and more with tongue-twisting rhymes. Producer 96′ offers a bass-heavy backdrop that brings that grittiness to strongly support the trio’s intensity. These guys rep Brooklyn till the end, and it’s easy to see that they have their eyes on the throne.


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