Cayo Coco Gives Us An In-Depth​ Look Into His Mind​ In New Track, “Somebody”

I needed this today. Cayo Coco has a poetic and existential way of expressing his emotions, confusion, and heartbreak. His way of approaching music couldn’t be better expressed than in Somebody Else. I felt like he was inside of my mind, laying out the lyrics I wish I could write. In the beginning of his relationship with his ex, he saw someone that was beautiful inside and out. As time went on, and they broke it off, he saw her ugly side. It was heartbreaking, as the person he loved had changed, and a sense of mourning enveloped him. She moved on, and when Cayo heard about, he wanted another relationship. I’ve been known to feel empty without romance in my life. Being alone often means you have to face yourself and your pain. It can be tough, but it is neccessary to attract a healthy mate. Sonically it is beautiful, an escape into personal struggles that listeners will most likely relate to. Producer Pearson gave the backdrop for Cayo to perfect the sound he’s been working towards.