Vocalist Macntaj & producer LEViT∆TE Are Out Of This World In New Single “Lightwaves (remix)”

Vocalist Macntaj & producer LEViT∆TE are from a different planet. If aliens beyond this galaxy were able to post songs on SoundCloud, it would sound like their collaborative pieces. LEViT∆TE even calls his music a “different breed,” which might be the best description. While both artists have their own devoted fanbase – when they link magic happens.

Their most celebrated release is new song Lightwaves (remix) featuring MMG’s Gunplay & vocalist Raz Simone. With 4 artists on a fairly short track, you might think it too much to take in. This is not the case, as Lightwaves has the opposite effect. There is synergy in vocals, the EDM and dance influenced beat, and harsh, deep rhymes from Gunplay. Fans are ready for their upcoming collaborative EP OMNI, but there is no doubt it will be worth the wait. Stream below.