Martin $ky has switched things up quiet a bit this year…even more so in the last few months. He made a purely instrumental account (first called $omebody, now MARTIN $KY².) The tracks were put up, and pretty quickly taken down. We posted most of them (it’s hard to keep up), which you can check out here. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to listen to all of them. Maybe the writing will help paint a picture of what was once some of the best instrumentals I’ve heard all year. You can check out his SoundCloud now as he’s switched some of the album artwork and put a dope ass black and white portrait with purple syrup (I assume) dripping down his face.

He’s been a bit more clear in the last month or so, officially announcing his upcoming album titled IF ANYBODY EVER TOLD YOU THAT THEY KNOW ME, THEY LIED. (Pre-order was available a few days ago.) He even had a listening party yesterday at iconic streetwear store Jugrnaut. Tons of fans came out and it was a crazy event.

After all this back and forth, I am happy to say the new LP has dropped. And it is amazing. For those that don’t follow Martin on Twitter (get on that here) he’s stated that he’s decided to focus solely on production next year:

I’m proud of the decision he has made as staying true to what makes you happy and what you feel is the next step in your growth is critical. It won’t always make fans and other people happy, but it’s a livelihood…something you’ll have to wake up to every day.

With that being said, IF ANYBODY EVER TOLD YOU THAT THEY KNOW ME, THEY LIED is an artistic growth from his previous albums. It is less “traditionally lyrical hip hop” and more melodic, with a more accessible flow. Denser beats, and a better ability to de-construct what Martin is speaking on. It’s a new direction for him-and it makes sense the next step would be to stick to instrumentals.

The project is also available on Apple Music which you can check out here. I’ve connected to Martin’s music for awhile now, and I can relate to where he’s going next.