We are big fans of Austin Fair. Like huge. Massive. So much so that we did an exclusive interview and premiere of his last album TTrouble in Paradise. A week or so ago he did a little social media “experiment,” letting his fans know if one of his tweets got to a certain number of likes he’d drop his EP Word Of Mouf. Well, he got the numbers, and then some.

Word of Mouf is a completely different sound than his previous work. Many of the tracks are slower paced. I am more than happy to hear Austin stepping out of his comfort zone a little and progressing in his approach to lyrics, beats, and song structure. I’ll always love his ignorant up-beat songs such as No Days Off (which is on this album and highly recommended), but really appreciate the experimentation of the intro; setting the tone for what you can expect for the rest of the project.

Give this a listen and be sure to follow him on SoundCloud. Check out our previous interview and premiere here.