Drake started off his latest album Views with the sentiment to “keep the family close.” Well, TruthCity says it better. Maybe not as directly, but aggressively and full of emotion. I love when artists speak on the “vision” they have of their career as I can very much relate to having dreams, hope, and excitement about what’s to come. The song is catchy, easily digestible and has a great message.

Truth had this to say about his track The Family:

This song is for the strong, the confident, the people who worked hard to get to where they are and want to protect their legacy.

I’ve always believed artists and the bloggers that cover them are one in the same. We both want to make an impact in the music world, start a dialogue on our passions, and expose our talents to the world in hopes of some recognition.

This is the first single off of his sophomore album While You Were Sleeping which you can expect out sometime this fall.