Back in mid August producer Glassic dropped an album we lovedI listened throughly, but came back to cuts Not Right and Like Me. Both featured New Kingz. I had heard of the Chicago duo, but hadn’t fully listened to their content before. I was very impressed with their contributions to the Glassic EP, and even saw Ali (one of the members) throw a few bars on track Bounce; listed as a solo artist. This made me wonder about Lukas G, the second half of New Kingz. I got hip to Quotez, a song he released a few months ago, and hoped for another single to drop.

Thankfully we now have XX to dig into. Producer Dougy cooked up a menacing beat for Lukas who absolutely tears it apart. The song flip flops between depictions of stimulates to his true love, music. There’s a lot in this just over 2 minute and 30 second song, so I’ll continue to hit replay.